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I help individuals overcome misophonia,

releasing anger, fear, anxiety, or other emotional responses

to achieve harmonious relationships in their family life,

social connections, partnerships, and business relations

Vedrana Mestrovic, MS

eutaptics® /Faster-EFT practitioner

Conversational Hypnotherapist

TCM therapist

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Misophonia, a term coined by American audiologists Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff in 2001, describes a condition in which individuals react strongly to certain sounds such as chewing, tapping or coughing, often experiencing increased irritability, anxiety and anger.

One of the biggest challenges that people with misophonia face is a lack of understanding from family, friends and colleagues. When their condition was finally named and recognized as a problem in 2001, it brought much-needed relief and recognition to those affected by misophonia.

However, a comprehensive solution to misophonia remains seemingly elusive, and is often limited to using headphones or developing coping skills, neither of which provide a definitive solution to the very deep and constant suffering of dealing with unwanted sounds.

What I offer is a truly unique approach to this problem. I understand that misophonia, like any other challenge, is often a symptom of deeper problems. That's why I focus on identifying each client's unique subconscious programming that caused misophonia (or any other sensory sensitivity) to develop. Through this understanding, I work to release and release these underlying factors, allowing individuals to live life without the limitations caused by misophonia. This approach has led to a very high success rate in my practice.

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I'm so grateful to find Vedrana. Within one session, I felt a lifetime of anxiety melt away. I felt calm and peaceful I don't remember feeling it before! I've done traditional talk therapy for years. This method has been MUCH more effective for me. I feel immediate positive shifts during our sessions. I feel calm and happy when I leave. Vedrana is so kind and I feel safe and in good hands during our sessions. She is also very funny and helps me to laugh and brightens my memories! It's really powerful, effective work and I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone

Thanks for everything Vedrana! 


If you have decided to break free from the shackles of misophonia, hyperacusis, phonophobia, accompanying emotional states, fear, anger, anxiety, and everything that disrupts your normal family and social life, as well as your career opportunities,

maybe it's time to contact me.




Show up in scheduled time

in person or online 


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