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Frequently asked questions /FAQ

Q: What is the process?

1. The first step is to book a free consultation lasting 20-40 minutes via the link. Free consultations do not obligate you in any way. During the consultation, we discuss your needs and agree on possible cooperation.


2. After the consultation, upon agreement, you book the therapy. ​


3. I am sending you a form that needs to be filled out at least 2 days before the appointment. ​


4. Therapy takes place in person or online.


Q: Do I need to prepare anything beforehand?

Online therapy requires a stable internet connection. It is done via video call, and it is recommended to use a computer instead of a mobile phone if possible. Make sure you have a quiet, safe, and comfortable place where no one will disturb you. Prepare water and paper tissues.

Q: How long does therapy take?

The therapy lasts between 1.5 and 3 hours. Therefore, I recommend that you schedule at least 3-4 hours to calmly complete the therapy and process the changes that began during the therapy.

Q: What methods are used during the session?

Conversational hypnotherapy and eutaptics®/Faster-EFT are extremely effective and fast modalities. They directly aim at the deepest and unreachable area of subconscious programs, memories, beliefs, decisions, and behavior patterns, which are then adapted and transformed according to the client's wishes, all in an incredibly short time.

Q: When to expect changes?

Some clients can feel a big shift right away – immediate significant changes occur during and immediately after therapy.

Another possibility is constant positive shifts that are observed every day.

The third possibility is changes that are not immediately visible but will appear maybe even months later. ​

It is very possible that the total change will be a combination of all three scenarios. ​


In addition to the solution of the basic problem for which the client came, bonus changes that are often noticed almost immediately after therapy are - improved interpersonal relationships, easier communication with others, better business success, a general feeling of relief, and relief from fear and other paralyzing emotions. New relationships, unexpected encounters, business offers, and a lot of things that are apparently not related to therapy often happen. When we clear the negative programs that stand as obstacles between us and the life we want, all options are open. It's like we get out of the way ourselves and let life cheer us up.

Q: What problems does it work on? Does it also help with physical ailments?

Yes! Modern medicine often ignores the root cause of our health or emotional problems as if problems happen to us randomly, making us feel like victims of circumstances. However, it is an undeniable fact that all our problems have a structure that originates from our thoughts, expectations, judgments, and beliefs. This again rests on our past experiences, our memories, and emotions, which we unconsciously keep repeating throughout life. Consequently, we create outcomes that we don't consciously want, which we call problems (emotional, physical, or whatever). Although these problems manifest differently, their origin remains in the same physical-emotional source, that is, in the learned communication between mind and body. By targeting that underlying source, eutaptics® and Conversational hypnosis offer help for all kinds of problems.


Q: What if I don't want to share something?

There are events and traumas that clients do not want to reveal. In such cases, I can equally help by directly targeting the client's subconscious based on their expressed needs and desires.

Q: How is this different from other therapies?

Eutaptics® and conversational hypnosis are both cutting-edge therapies that avoid lengthy discussions of problems and instead focus on solving them quickly. It starts from the premise that everything is fine with all of us. We function the way our subconscious has "determined" to be the safest and best for us, even if with that logic we will also have certain problems, which we don't consciously want, but they play a role in our survival in an incomprehensible way. The therapist aims deep into the subconscious, cleans those unwanted programs, and replaces them with desirable ones. Therapies end on a positive note, leaving the client in a significantly better state. ​


These are turbo-fast therapies that can sometimes solve life's problems in literally one session.

Q: What to expect after the therapy?

After therapy, it is recommended to take a 30-minute nap (or longer) or engage in activities that occupy your conscious mind, such as listening to music or watching television. It is recommended not to drive (or operate anything dangerous) directly after therapy. Also, avoid meditation and any activities that may affect your subconscious mind (eg other types of therapy) for about a month to avoid interfering with the natural subconscious process that was initiated during the session.


The content available on this website is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, and prescription of drugs of any nature (physical, emotional, mental...).

This content is not a guarantee of healing and in no way claims to be. Nothing in the content of the site should be misconstrued as a prescription, promise, medicine or medical advice. The Content may also not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any mental health, medical or physical condition. 

It is not advisable to stop or change any treatment without the advice of your own medical staff. 

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