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Frequently asked questions /FAQ

What is F-EFT (eutaptics) and how does it work?

Faster EFT means Faster - Emotionally Focused Transformation. It is a method based on scientific evidence of neuroplasticity of the human brain, i.e. the ability of the nervous system to change its activity in response to internal or external stimuli by reorganizing its structure, functions or connections, at the center of which are our emotions.


F-EFT/Eutaptics is a set of well-developed and thought-out techniques that use externally controlled stimuli for the purpose of

1. complete removal of bad memories and traumas and

2. replacing bad ones with beautiful and pleasant events that we wish had marked our lives.

We can say that all human problems, regardless of how they manifest (through mental and/or physical difficulties, through human relationships, poor financial condition or anything else) have their own structure, and we ourselves produce them based on our experiences, that is, our memories. We can access these memories through our emotions, that is, the body's reactions to external stimuli.

Therefore, with a series of targeted questions and with the help of his intuition and experience, the therapist first finds the connection between past events and the present result, i.e. the problem, and then uses cleaning techniques and removing the undesirable so that the client has space for everything he consciously wants in his life.

Eutaptics is an indispensable method, because it uses our innate tendency to self-heal and improve our inner world, which then very quickly and visibly reflects on our outer world.

What problems does it work on? Does it also help with physical ailments?

Today's society and even medicine do not talk enough about the very source of our health or emotional problems. Sometimes it seems that problems have chosen us by chance and we are just a victim of some kind of random circumstances, which is definitely not the case. The real truth is that all, but absolutely all, of our problems have a structure. And they always start from our thoughts, expectations, judgments, convictions... and all of this again starts from our past experiences, that is, memories, and all the emotions that we experienced and experienced at the time, and which we successfully repeat throughout our lives, successfully creating results that actually we don't want to, and those are our problems. They can be of all kinds, but their source is always the same. Acting on this source, Eutaptics helps with all problems.

What if I don't want to tell something?

There are events that some clients do not want to tell. Eutaptics is such a powerful method that it helps even in such cases, because it directly targets the client's subconscious and reprograms it in exactly the way that the client wants and expresses. The therapist is only a guide through the journey into the subconscious.

Is F-EFT (eutaptics) the same as EFT? What is the difference?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, while F-EFT stands for Faster - Emotionally Focused Transformation.

The EFT certificate is awarded after a three-day course. F-EFT is awarded after several years of study, a hundred hours worked as a therapist, and almost as many hours as a client.

EFT claims that the cause of all problems is energy blockages in the body, and uses tapping only.

F-EFT claims that the main cause of all our problems is perception arising from memories/past experiences and emphasizes the importance of a way of thinking and understanding the world that empowers the individual, and uses tapping as just one of many techniques.

Does F-EFT/Eutaptics help with my problem?

Problems are unwanted but successful results formed by our thoughts and emotions. Therefore, ALL our problems can be solved with the F-EFT method, because the origin of all of them is our mind and its communication with the body.

How does F-EFT/Eutaptics differ from other therapies?

There are very significant differences in the settings of Eutaptics and other therapies. The first and basic thing is that conversations about problems are held only when we intend to clean them up. A long-term and constant conversation about the problem is not supported, which in the end only strengthens the existing symptoms.

Eutaptics therapists know that everything is fine with you and therefore they do not diagnose, but only look for your "skills" with which you have tried to survive in life. They are looking for the experiences that led you to what you no longer want.

Eutaptics targets deep into the subconscious, clears unwanted programs, and replaces them with desirable ones. In other words, it reprograms your subconscious to what will be in line with your conscious desires.

Eutaptics therapies end on a positive note and in a good mood. The client leaves the therapy in a better state than when he came, because traumas and problems are mentioned only with the aim of removing them, and never with the aim of simply talking and intensifying the traumatic experience.

Eutaptics can be applied for a lifetime, together with the tools it recommends, but the speed of solving the basic problem for which the client came is immeasurably higher than other methods.

Clients receive instructions on how to further help themselves in new life situations and challenges.

How many treatments do I need before I notice a change?

This is very individual, but as a rule changes occur already during the first therapy. Sometimes they are so fast that the client does not realize they have happened. The mind is quickly reprogrammed and it happens that some of the changes follow months after the therapy, so it seems that they are not  related to the therapy.

Although not a rule, on average a significant improvement is visible after 3 treatments.

Why is tapping used and how does it work?

Tapping primarily has a relaxing effect on the body, shifts the focus from the problem and thus disrupts the unwanted signal between the brain and the body, resetting our mind to better and more positive settings.

Who is FEFT therapy intended for?

Practically everyone, because not only is there no man without problems, but there is also no man without undesirable subconscious programs. Eutaptics is the fastest and most profound way of reprogramming the subconscious.

What to expect from therapy?

The therapy begins with a conversation and questions that help me get the structure of the problem, and ends with the removal of negative beliefs and behavior patterns using the best and fastest methods of therapeutic work. Finally, there is a reprogramming of undesirable subconscious programs on which the structure of the problem rests. 

The client sets the boundaries. Traumatic experiences that for whatever reason she keeps secret, she doesn't have to tell. I also help with such traumas, which is a great advantage of the Integrative therapy I use. ​

The goal of the therapy is to completely change the perception, so that the client, perceiving reality in a better and more positive way, feels relief and forgiveness in himself for everything he has done or was done to him, and also to remove the reasons for his behavior and permanently change it if considers necessary.

At the end of each therapy, I send the client a summary of the therapy as well as instructions on how to further help yourself in moments of temptation.

In addition to the solution to the basic problem for which the client came, the bonus changes that often and almost immediately occur after therapy are improved interpersonal relationships, easier communication with others, significantly better business success, a general feeling of relief, freedom from fear and other paralyzing emotions. Quite often, there are some meetings, new relationships, business offers and a lot of things that do not seem to be related to therapy, but are. When we clear our negative thoughts that stand as obstacles between us and the life we want, all options are open. As if we get out of our own way and allow life to cheer us up. 

The changes that occur after therapy are actually so natural, because they are a return to what a person is, that some clients do not even remember the original situation and problems they had. The relief is great and fast, which is the best part of this method. Changes can occur up to several months after therapy.

  • F-EFT/eutaptics is not intended for diagnosis, treatment and prescription of diseases of any nature  (physical, emotional, mental...).

  • F-EFT/eutaptics is not a guarantee of healing and in no way claims to be.

  • F-EFT/eutaptics is not and should not be construed as a prescription, promise, cure or advice of any kind. Any information, instructions or suggestions offered by eutaptics / FasterEFT are not medical advice or a substitute for professional medical and psychological diagnosis or care. It is not advisable to stop or modify any treatment without the advice ofown medical staff.

  • FasterEFT/eutaptics is not responsible for any adverse effects. The client takes full responsibility for his own well-being at all levels and at all times.

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