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Additional Services

After thousands and thousands of hours spent working with hundreds of clients, profoundly transforming their lives, I now offer you the opportunity to solve the following problems:



  • ​depression, panic attacks, anxiety,

  • postpartum depression, grief due to miscarriage/abortion

  • confidence, motivation,

  • fears, stage fright,

  • motivation,

  • insomnia,

  • migraine,

  • relationships breakup, infidelity, 

  • sexual problems

  • and anything else you haven't been able to solve yet


The content available on this website is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, and prescription of drugs of any nature (physical, emotional, mental...).

This content is not a guarantee of healing and in no way claims to be. Nothing in the content of the site should be misconstrued as a prescription, promise, medicine, or medical advice. The Content may also not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any mental health, medical or physical condition. 

It is not advisable to stop or change any treatment without the advice of your own medical staff. 

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